"I’m Not a Member" Video… (please help) Plz reblog

Hey guys — I’m in Stockholm, Sweden and I’m working on an awesome secret project, and we’re trying to get 50 more people to do videos simply having them look in the camera and say “I’M NOT A MEMBER”  You can say it as if you’re being accused of being a member of any organization that you are WAY not a part of.

Could you (all of you, any of you - please please please)  just shoot a little webcam vid saying “i’m not a member”  and email it to me? Literally just a few seconds long and it would make this project a LOT more excellent.  We currently have close to 40 but they are mostly people associated with the project (including me) and some actors from HEROES and stuff…  But yeah, please send yours!

email it here:  james.j.martin at gmail.com

I would hugely appreciate it and it won’t be used for anything stupid, just for our beta test of this video for our clients (and when it’s done, you’ll be next to JJ Abrams, some Actors, Some writers and directors, etc…) we got a lot of cool people, but now we want YOU!

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    best last line ever “we got a lot of cool people and now we want you” hahaha I may have to do this just for that reason
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